4 Steps to Quickly Improve Your Credit Score

Repairing credit is an tricky time consuming task. It doesn’t happen overnight. But sometime we are in a situation that we need to improve it as soon as possible.
So our first step toward it is looking for credit repair expert. Today here we are going to discuss about four major steps which can help you to quickly improve your credit score.

Pay down your Credit Cards

This is the first step toward your credit repair. Debt to credit limit ratio is also known as utilization rate, it plays across 30% of your credit score. Having too much of debt on your credit card can slow down or can lower your credit score. To boost your credit score you should pay your bills on time and carry less credit balance, if you follow this your will surely raise at least 20% of your credit score.

 Increase your Credit limits

Increasing your credit limit means increasing your utilization limit. If you have limited resources to pay off your credits you can request your credit to increase your credit limit. It will increase your credit limit and you will ultimately increase your utilization limit. For e.g: You owes $3,000 on a card with $10,000.

Use Old Account

Using old accounts can give you very much benefit in raising your credit score. Around 15% of your credit score is calculated from your active and working account. So make sure if you have any old credit account, you should use it so that the bakers don’t inactive your account. To avoid late fee make sure your pay the credit card bill on time.

Become authorized user of someone’s else account

Yes, if opening a new account is not an option for you. You can become an authorized user of someone else account. This could help you in many ways. First , if the other person use the card and pay off the bills on time it will include in your credit history and can raise up your record.
Secondly the credit card limit will get added in your credit limit which can help you to lower down your utilization ratio.
Moreover you don’t need to use the credit card by your own, all you have to do is choose a right person to partner up.

Raising credit score may take time but once you understand the process and take these moves your credit score will definitely improve rapidly.

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