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Credit Assessment

Sign up for CAL’s credit repair program and get your initial credit assessment from our team of industry experts.

Repairing Process

Our team of attorneys and industry professionals will work diligently with you to dispute any incorrect information and settle any outstanding debts.

Investment Program

Once we get your score up to 720 and above, we work with you to leverage your good good credit into sound real estate investments.


Let’s face it, no one ever gets rich working for a salary, your good credit may be the greatest tool you have to grow your economic future. The better your score, the more banks and financial institution will be willing to work with you. And if you’re credit is in the 720 range and above, then the world opens up. You may be able buy property with ZERO down, using just your good credit!

Yes, good credit can make or break your future. Don’t let inaccurate and outdated information hold you back.

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